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We think you are already a great mom. We are just here to help.
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These resources help you transition from being a mom of a baby to a toddler – dealing with tantrums, technology, and when to start playschool as well as how to manage when baby number two comes along.


Thank you Lara for your calm coaching style. I really enjoyed our open honest sessions. Thank you for sharing resources that offer practical help. Your advice on reframing how we view ourselves and recognizing our unique styles has really helped me to see what is special about my daughter and my relationship and what I can bring to her.


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The great mom course was amazing. The sessions were informative and interactive. The digital content that was received to help reach the weekly goals was super helpful. This course has helped me to get in touch with the mom I want to be, it has been a game changer.


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This coaching was so valuable to me as a woman and as a mom! It gave me theory to show me why I am a great mom. It gave me practical and easily applicable steps to improve and make life easier. I loved being able to share and hear from other moms too. It definitely made me feel less alone and better understood. Lara is kind and genuine and knows how to handle pretty much any answer or question. It was a great experience!


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I loved Lara’s course - as a working mom it was the one time in the week that I had to focus on me and my feelings. I learnt practical tips around getting the most of my time with my child and how best to navigate the relationship with my nanny. Practical tips about cooking meals and spending mealtimes with the family. I recommend this course to all working moms who might be feeling guilt or who are battling with the juggle.


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